Thursday, December 13, 2007

Linking SW Architectures with Enterprise Architectures

(prompted by an interface between Lattix and Troux)

In an Enterprise Architecture (e.g. Troux) an organisation would record its applications (hundreds to thousands). The level of detail they would record about applications would vary. Often not much detail is available (i.e. to hand) regarding the internal aspects of the applications (i.e. its internal modules/components and how these inter-relate).

Application portfolio optimisation work is typically focus on rationalising the set of applications at a macro level (e.g. often duplication of function arises as a result of mergers).

A next level of analysis would involve looking at the modules (or components that application is constructed from). This may present opportunities for more atomic refactoring of the application portfolio and will insights into candidates for service representation.

When an application is analysed using Lattix (SW architecture analysis) - we can use the information provided by Lattix (based on an examination of the actual code) to augment the information in the Enterprise Architecture (i.e. add the modules).

See also Enhancing EA

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