Thursday, November 29, 2007

Model driven SOA

The following points are made in this item (that we have been saying for a number of years):
  • If you want to address SOA in a scaleable way, you can't do it without support for modeling.
  • Many people underestimated how fast BP modeling would become a topical issue for organizations.
  • Historically, we only had UML process modeling that was low level and wasn't much use in SOA. Developers pretty much stuck with gathering requirements, which usually ended up gathering dust on a shelf, and then got down to coding applications.
  • With the adoption of SOA and BPM (BPMN, BPEL etc.) that approach is going over the application development waterfall in a barrel.
  • The idea of a BPMN specification linked to BPEL that allows automated code generation is intriguing, especially when you combine that with business rules capabilities.
  • if you really want to get to reuse, you really want to have a higher level model-based oversight on what the different components are and how they interact.
It will of course be interesting to see how Telelogic's products prosper in UML oriented IBM unit (Rational).

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