Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Troux 7 Released in the USA/Europe

Troux Delivers Industry’s First Enterprise Platform to Support IT Transformation

Troux, the leading provider of software solutions enabling successful business and IT transformations, announces the industry’s first enterprise transformation platform, Troux 7. The new, comprehensive solution, based on Troux's EA technology, addresses the primary objectives of CIOs and executive leaders i.e. to deliberately and systematically reduce costs, manage risks and drive investments.

Business transformations (e.g. global expansion, mergers, the creation of new product lines) can't be implemented without a set of IT activities to support the change. Often executives fail to understand and IT fails to communicate how such activity will impact the business, resulting in lengthy, complex projects and excessive costs.

A recent survey sponsored by Architecture and Governance Magazine revealed that 20% of respondents continue to struggle with demonstrating the value of IT projects to the executive team, leading to early termination of the project or even perceived failure.

"Alignment of IT to the business continues to be the most critical challenge for CIOs. We’re seeing ongoing frustration from the business as IT struggles to be more agile and proactive in their support of business requirements. A key barrier to this is lack of visibility to the range of IT assets, the relationship among the assets and their relationship to the business,” said David Hood, CEO of Troux. “With Troux 7, we’ve created the only system with the complete set of capabilities for EA teams and IT departments to successfully automate the understanding of the enterprise and how IT relates to the business. Troux 7 delivers a rich analytics platform to create transformation initiatives, allowing gap and impact analysis in multiple scenarios to identify IT support requirements for the business. Coupled with a baseline transformation plan for business alignment and the mechanism to monitor execution over time to ensure effective support, once again Troux’s innovation delivers an unrivaled solution to the market."

Troux is represented in Australia and New Zealand by RHE. Troux 7 is expected to be released in Australia and New Zealand next month.

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