Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thinking SOA (are the issues really that new?)

(prompted by thinking SOA)

I agree with the conclusions i.e.
- SOA is a core aspect of EA (and EAs that get this will get SOA more quickly)
- SOA does have new some challenges especially around lifecycles, service quality management and inter-party agreements - but think that in but in many cases the challenges have always been there - now it is just harder to bury your mistakes.

I disagree with some of the things implied i.e.
- Good EA has always been about interoperability (driven by business goals such as agility) - and never about layers of technology. So this is not something new with SOA.
- "Traditional enterprise architecture" is Technology Architecture (NOT EA). Many of frameworks, methods and tools - have been manifestly unsuited to real EA for a decade (hence the how few really success EA projects there are). So this is not something new with SOA either

See also: EA/SOA a shareholders issue?

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